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Proud to be an Export Champion

East of England Export Champion 2020 4Col thumbnail2US2U Consulting have been awarded the prestigious title of 2020 Export Champion by the UK Department for International Trade.

This is in recognition of the international work we have done over the last few years, with international projects and trade visits to the likes of Belgium, Ireland, Canada, USA and across the Middle East - along with the insights our teams can share with other businesses looking to export their goods and services. Read more >>>

Rachel Blackburn

Rachel Blackburn

  • Bite-Size Online Project Management Training

    US2U Consulting are pleased to launch a new bite-size version of our trusted and world-renowned Project Management services. Learn about this below, and view our service sheet at the end of this article for more details.

    You are probably already familiar with the five main benefits for businesses to invest in project management training for their staff:

    1. Improved Project Success Rates

    Proper project management training equips staff with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively plan, execute and monitor projects. This leads to improved project success rates as teams are better equipped to meet deadlines, manage resources efficiently, and deliver high-quality results.

    2. Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

    Project management training teaches employees how to streamline processes, prioritise tasks, and allocate resources effectively. This results in increased productivity and efficiency within the organisation as teams are better equipped to manage their time and workloads efficiently. Overall, the result should be to have increased capacity to deliver more projects.

    3. Cost Savings

    Investing in project management training can ultimately lead to cost savings for companies. By ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget, organisations can avoid costly delays, rework, and resource wastage. Additionally, trained project managers are better equipped to identify and mitigate risks, minimising potential financial losses.

    4. Better Stakeholder Communication and Collaboration

    Effective project management training emphasises the importance of clear communication and collaboration among team members and stakeholders. By improving communication skills and fostering collaboration, teams can align their efforts more effectively, leading to smoother project execution and greater stakeholder satisfaction.

    5. Career Development; Employee Wellbeing and Retention

    Providing project management training opportunities demonstrates to employees that the company is invested in their professional development and growth. This can increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty; ultimately leading to higher retention rates.

    Additionally, trained project managers are more equipped to take on leadership roles within the organisation, contributing to succession planning and talent development initiatives. Regarding wellbeing and stress, proper project management training can enable projects to be delivered to time, specification and budget without putting an unrealistic amount of stress on the workforce.


    For the last 18 years, US2U Consulting have been delivered project management training sessions face-to-face. Whilst this option is still available, we have developed a Bite-Size Online Project Management Training Programme where the training is delivered via Zoom or similiar over 4 one-hour sessions. These sessions are still interactive but enable a cost-effective option for clients, particularly if people are based over multiple sites and/or countries.

    These world-class sessions are delivered by one of our expert Consultants, Chris Croft MBA, CEng (pictured below), and can be tailored in line with specific requirements and delivered at the best time of day. An outline of the four sessions is given in our service sheet below. A recording of your sessions can be provided on request.

    View here: US2U Consulting Bite-Size Project Management Online Training Programme - Service Sheet

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  • The Power Hour Online Consultancy Service from US2U Consulting

    Do you have a business challenge that you need some help with?

    There is a great new service from US2U Consulting - you can now book an online consultancy Power Hour with Director, Rachel Blackburn MBA.

    Rachel has over 20 years' experience of running businesses and, as a management consultant, has helped hundreds of businesses in the UK and overseas to become more successful.

    If you would like support, guidance and advice about any of the following then please email Rachel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call on 01603 716852 to book your Power Hour:

     How to produce a robust business plan so you become more successful

     How to develop your leadership skills so you become more effective

     How to tackle a difficult people situation

     How to prepare for a recruitment interview - the Dos and Don'ts

     How to manage a conflict situation

     How to plan your time better so you achieve your goals

    The Power Hour will take place via Zoom or similar platform and a link will be sent with confirmation of the appointment.

    The fee for an US2U Consulting Power Hour is £349 plus VAT. This is payable on booking.

    Contact Rachel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make your booking.

  • US2U Meet with the British Consulate General, New York, March 2023

    Kerwin and Rachel Blackburn were pleased to meet Toby Usnik (pictured, left, with Rachel) - Head of Communications at the British Consulate General in New York recently to discuss potential opportunities for our services in the US. Our meeting took place in the iconic location of Grand Central Terminal, New York (pictured below).

    Whilst Toby currently works for the British Consulate General in New York, he has a commercial background and was able to share positive insights into the Executive Coaching market. We are planning our US strategy so please get in touch if you have contacts who would benefit from our services in that part of the world.

    Linked to this story is that the British Department for Business and Trade have asked US2U Consulting to be an Export Champion for the fourth consecutive year. Part of this role is to advise other businesses on their international strategies.

    Our first year of being awarded Export Champion status was 2020 - read about this here.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how we can assist with you export strategies.

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