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Proud to be an Export Champion

East of England Export Champion 2020 4Col thumbnail2US2U Consulting have been awarded the prestigious title of 2020 Export Champion by the UK Department for International Trade.

This is in recognition of the international work we have done over the last few years, with international projects and trade visits to the likes of Belgium, Ireland, Canada, USA and across the Middle East - along with the insights our teams can share with other businesses looking to export their goods and services. Read more >>>



  • First US2U Consulting Podcast - Mental Health in the Workplace

    Always keen to find new ways to enhance how we engage with our clients, we are pleased to launch our first podcast.

    The aim is to produce a series of podcasts that people will find interesting and informative; they should be a key way to inform and update on a range of subjects relevant to help you implement best practice in your business.

    For our first podcast we have tackled a subject which is increasingly discussed and can be difficult to talk about. Mental health issues. We know the impact can be devastating.

    As some of you will know we have developed a partnership with YMCA Norfolk to deliver expert mental health advice and training for our clients, as part of a robust HR and well-being strategy.

    Our Mental Health at Work Podcast features Rachel Blackburn interviewing Jessica Tyson from YMCA Norfolk.

    Please listen on SoundCloud or watch on Youtube, and subscribe to our channels.

    Please get in touch to find out how we can help you develop your strategies at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Mental Health Awareness Week 18-24th May 2020

    Clearly mental health is something we are aware of on a daily basis as we lead and manage our teams.

    It is important to acknowledge the relevance of being aware of everyone's mental health, particularly at a time of global pandemic.

    Therefore it is positive to acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Week and this year's theme of Kindness.

    Whilst we know we should be kind to people every day, this gives focus to the fact that we should do kind things for people even when it's difficult.

    At work this may mean being nice to someone who frustrates you, telling your boss how much you appreciate them or taking time to listen to a colleague to find out how they are coping with the change in routine.

    If you would like support to discuss mental health issues please contact us to see how we can support you. US2U Consulting Director Rachel Blackburn is a certified Mental Health First Aider with experience of advising businesses and individuals on managing mental health issues.

    To find out more about about this topic, please listen to or watch our podcast: Mental Health at Work.

  • US2U Consulting Podcast - 30 Tips for Developing Resilience

    Welcome to the latest episode of the US2U Consulting Podcast. In this edition, US2U Consulting Director & Founder Rachel Blackburn discusses her list of 30 top tips to help anyone develop resilience - whether facing professional or personal challenges. She also looks at what exactly we mean by 'resilience' - and it is something that is more important than ever as the UK reopens following the pandemic period, and many of us still face unique work and lifestyle changes.

    Watch or listen to the podcast below and let us know which tips you found most insightful. The list of 30 tips is underneath:


    1. 4 Step Assertiveness 2. Relaxation Techniques 3. Healthy Lifestyle 4. Role Models 5. Sleep 6. Avoid Getting Defensive 7. Positive Affirmations 8. Ask for Support 9. Emotional Control 10. Identify Triggers 11. Manage Negative Self-Talk 12. Reframe Mindset 13. Set SMART Goals 14. Focus on the Controllables 15. Don't Victimise Yourself 16. Optimism 17. Compartmentalise Feedback 18. Positive Outlook 19. Empathy 20. Acceptance 21. Take Responsibility 22. Maintain Perspective 23. Focus on the Positives 24. Support Network 25. Be Flexible 26. Lifelong Learning 27. Don't Panic 28. Systematic Problem Solving 29. Anticipate Things Going Wrong 30. Gratitude

    Which are you favourite tips from the podcast? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Contact us to find out how we can help you or your organisation become more resilient.

  • US2U Consulting Podcast - Developing Your Sales Performance

    Welcome to the latest edition of the US2U Consulting Podcast. In this socially-distanced edition, Rachel Blackburn talks to new US2U Consulting Sales Performance Consultant Steve Thurlow about the Sales Consultancy services we offer, providing some key tips that businesses can take away to improve their sales conversions in 2021. Watch below or on YouTube: US2U Consulting Podcast - Developing Your Sales Performance

    Contact us to find out more about how we can help you achieve your business goals this year.

    Which other topics would you like to see us cover in our podcast?


  • US2U Consulting Podcast - Managing Generation Z

    In the latest edition of the US2U Consulting Podcast, Founder & Director Rachel Blackburn sits down with our current Summer Intern Charlotte Knight to discuss the topic of Managing Generation Z.

    Generation Z is the demographic cohort after Millennials and before Generation Alpha. Anyone born between 1997-2012 are in Generation Z, also known as 'Gen Z' or even 'Zoomers'.

    Gen Z are a technology-centred generation but also like in-person interaction - they enjoy both online and in-person working environments. For Gen Z is it very important that a job provides value, good pay, development for them and is fun. Watch the podcast discussion below and let us know what your thoughts are!

    It has been a good experience for us to have a member of Generation Z on our team doing work experience as our Marketing Services Intern. Charlotte has also put together a guide for managing Generation Z employees, including her top 10 tips for getting the best out of this generation of staff:

    1. Communicate regularly online and in person 2. Give regular feedback 3. Provide a career development plan 4. Give them responsibility 5. Create a fun and enriching work environment 6. Provide job security and reasonable pay 7. Ask for their opinion 8. Provide mental health support 9. Provide professional support 10. Create an inclusive team

    This guide also explains how to create a fun work environment, the benefits of recruiting Gen Z and motivational theories to help manage them. Download for free here: US2U Consulting's Guide to Managing Generation Z

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about how US2U Consulting can help you get the best out of your staff.

  • US2U Consulting Podcast - Outplacement & Career Transition

    As the UK economy begins to reopen and businesses are able to plan for future with more optimism, changes to workforces and job roles will continue to impact companies and individuals. Such changes - such as redundancy, career changes and workforce restructurings - can be accompanied by feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, prompting many questions about the outplacement and career change process.

    In our latest podcast episode, Rachel Blackburn and US2U Consulting team members Jan Baynham and Mark Fuller discuss these topics, reducing these complex issues into simple and insightful takeaways, and practical top tips.

    This interesting discussion provides a snapshot of our Outplacement and Career Transition service, which can be tailored to meet the needs of any organisation or individual.

    Watch the discussion below on YouTube or listen on Soundcloud - we would love to get your thoughts on this topic.

    Contact us to find out how we can make a positive difference to your situation, or visit our services to see how else we can help you achieve your business goals as we look forward to lockdown reopening.



    If you like our series of podcasts that we have produced and think these would be a good addition to your company's marketing, then we can work with you to produce your own company podcasts. Please get in touch to find out more!

  • US2U Consulting Podcast Spring 2023 - Gender Equality in the Workplace

    For our latest US2U Consulting Podcast episode, Founder & Director Rachel Blackburn sat down with our Spring 2023 Intern, Jess Connolly, to discuss the topic of Gender Equality in the Workplace.

    Watch the episode and let us know your thoughts. What are your experiences of Gender Equality in organisations you have worked in? Have there been improvements made in this area in recent years?

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about how US2U Consulting can make a positive difference to your organisation.