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Proud to be an Export Champion

East of England Export Champion 2020 4Col thumbnail2US2U Consulting have been awarded the prestigious title of 2020 Export Champion by the UK Department for International Trade.

This is in recognition of the international work we have done over the last few years, with international projects and trade visits to the likes of Belgium, Ireland, Canada, USA and across the Middle East - along with the insights our teams can share with other businesses looking to export their goods and services. Read more >>>

International Expansion

International Expansion

  • Cultures, Conventions and Customs in the Far East!

    Rachel and Kerwin Blackburn recently visited the Far East to conduct market research and gain insights into business and cultural customs in some of the world's rapidly emerging economies.

    Staying for four days in Beijing before spending a day each in Nagasaki, Japan and Busan and Seoul, South Korea, they undertook various different local activities, ranging from a Chinese tea ceremony to visiting the Great Wall and other historical sites.

    These experiences provided valuable insights into some of the unique customs, traditions and etiquette in these countries.

    Learning about the contrasting political histories of these three countries also proved beneficial in helping to understand attitudes towards conducting business in the region.

    The trip was a great success and hugely productive in enhancing the company's knowledge of a part of the world that could soon become much more significant in the UK following the nation's exit from the EU.

    "Being an international management consultancy it was a great opportunity to learn more about a fascinating part of the world and be able to picture how US2U Consulting's services could fit into the visions of China, Japan and South Korea for the future" said Rachel.

    Kerwin reflected, "It has been good to learn more about these territories as we currently work with a significant number of clients who provide goods and services for people from these parts of the world."

  • Driving International Success

    As part of US2U Consulting's international development initiatives, Rachel Blackburn was pleased to support the University of East Anglia with their work with the Saudi Arabian Petroleum company Aramco. Rachel's brief was to work with over 50 talented individuals to develop team working and leadership behaviours.

    Alex Cole, International Programmes manager for UEA said "The session was a great success, with participants commenting on the excellent delivery and the enhancement of their skills and knowledge in team working throughout the day, and we will be pleased to work together with US2U on similar projects."

  • Getting FIT For Europe

    getting-fit-for-europeWe joined forces with Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) to host an exciting seminar and networking event, offering advice on making the most of trade and export opportunities in Belgium and beyond.

    Our consultancy team also offered expert advice on managing performance effectively and managing stress levels, as well as personal accounts of working in Europe.

  • Middle East expansion

    T73Rachel Blackburn met with HE Shaikh Khalifa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain at the Middle East Association in London prior to the first US2U Consulting visit to Bahrain in May 2009

  • Passion, The Palm and Personal Development

    Developing the Middle East Learning and Development theme, Rachel Blackburn delivered a Personal Development Planning and Leadership Coaching Project for a client in Media City, Dubai.

    "It was great to share some of our expertise with our international clients and working on the 37th floor is in complete contrast to working in rural Norfolk in the UK!" said Rachel.

  • Proposals, Plans and a Princess

    Rachel Blackburn attended the G8 UK 2013 The Deauville Partnership Conference at Lancaster House in London.

    This was part of US2U Consulting's latest expansion into the Middle East and the theme was the role of women in relation to Arab countries in transition.

    "It is recognised that the region is looking to benefit from advice, training and career development solutions; however it was emphasised that we have to understand their needs and history in order to be successful." said Rachel.

    Pictured is: (left to right)

    Quentin Primo III - CEO, Capri Capital

    The Rt Hon Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean

    HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan of Jordan

    The Rt Hon Alistair Burt - UK Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East and North Africa

  • Rachel Blackburn continues Empowering Women Programme Recruitment Drive

    Rachel Blackburn will be delivering a talk at Jeddah Chamber, Saudi Arabia, on Writing a Business Plan and The Empowering Women Programme on Monday 1 October. See more details here.

    The talk forms part of US2U Consulting's drive to attract Saudi female entrepreneurs to register for our UK-based Empowering Women Programme, in line with Vision 2030, which begins on Monday 10 December. Find out more about this exciting initiative!


  • Saudi Arabia Executive Coaching

    Supported by the UK Department of International Trade, we are pleased to announce that US2U Consulting is exploring opportunities to deliver Executive Coaching services in Saudi Arabia to support their Vision 2030.

    "Saudi Arabia has ambitious change plans and US2U Consulting's services appear well-placed to support these changes" said Rachel Blackburn, who joins the Saudi British Joint Business Council for their Biannual Meeting in Jeddah on 28 November 2017.

    Full details of the Executive Coaching Services can be found below:

    US2U Consulting - Executive Coaching for Saudi Arabia

  • US2U Consulting Crosses the Atlantic

    us2u-consulting-crosses-the-atlanticWe have recently launched a management development initiative in Canada for one of our clients. We anticipate that this initiative is the first of many global assignments.

  • US2U Consulting Expands its Reach to the United States, Bringing Expertise and Innovation to American Businesses

    Leading UK-based Consultancy Firm Sets Its Sights on American Market, Offering Comprehensive Solutions for Business Growth

    September 2023

    In an exciting development, US2U Consulting, a renowned consultancy firm with a strong track record of success in the United Kingdom, is making its way across the Atlantic to expand its operations into the United States. This strategic move promises to bring a wealth of expertise, innovation, and business acumen to American enterprises seeking to thrive in today's competitive market.

    US2U Consulting, known for its dynamic and client-focused approach, has consistently delivered results for a diverse range of businesses in the UK, spanning various industries. With this expansion, they aim to replicate their success and help American companies unlock their potential.

    "Our decision to expand into the United States is a testament to our commitment to providing world-class consultancy services to businesses worldwide," said Rachel Blackburn, the CEO of US2U Consulting. "We believe that our proven strategies and customised solutions will empower American businesses to overcome challenges, drive growth, and excel in an ever-evolving business landscape. I am excited to be meeting potential clients in New York during the week commencing 17 September - Climate Week."

    US2U Consulting brings a comprehensive suite of services to the American market, including strategic planning, leadership development, organisational optimisation, and market expansion strategies. Their team of seasoned consultants is well-versed in navigating the complexities of both domestic and international markets, offering valuable insights and actionable plans tailored to each client's unique needs.

    Why work with US2U Consulting?

    One of the key strengths of US2U Consulting is its adaptability. The company has a history of assisting businesses in diverse industries, from healthcare and technology to finance and manufacturing. This versatility, combined with a deep understanding of market dynamics, positions US2U Consulting as an invaluable resource for American enterprises seeking to achieve sustainable growth.

    As US2U Consulting sets its sights on the United States, it aims to forge strong partnerships with local businesses and contribute to the country's economic prosperity. Clients in the United States can now look forward to experiencing the same high-level consultancy services that have made US2U Consulting a trusted name in the industry.

    For American companies eager to enhance their competitiveness, boost profitability, and navigate the complexities of today's business environment, US2U Consulting's expansion represents a significant opportunity for growth and success. The consultancy firm's arrival in the United States is a milestone that holds promise for businesses seeking innovative solutions and expert guidance.

    For an exploratory conversation, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Learn more about what we offer by downloading our US2U Consulting: United States 2023 Service Sheet

  • US2U Consulting Explores New York City, Ignites Prospects for Ambitious US Expansion

    As the excitement of the summer ends, Rachel Blackburn, Managing Director of US2U Consulting, spent last week immersed in the hustle and bustle of New York City (NYC), laying the foundations for US2U’s expansion into the United States (US).

    Rachel thoroughly enjoyed her trip, commenting that “Visiting New York City during Climate Week and United Nations Week was a fantastic experience. I gained profound insights into the ESG agenda and various issues faced by businesses and individuals around the world.”

    Rachel started the week off by attending Climate Week NYC 2023, which is partnered with the United Nations General Assembly and is one of the largest conferences dedicated to international climate action. This year’s theme, ‘We Can, We Will’ focused on climate and sustainability issues such as offshore wind, hydrogen energy, sustainable agriculture, reducing food waste and decarbonisation, as well as diversity, equality & inclusion.

    Rachel also attended the Global Power Women Conference 2023. Figures such as the President of Kosovo, Viosa Osmani-Sadriu, and Rosalyn Henderson Myers, a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, spoke about how female leaders can pioneer resilience and sustainable leadership.

    As a part of US2U’s commitment to sustainability (read the full policy here), Rachel also attended a mixer hosted by the St. George's Society of New York. Renowned as one of New York's illustrious charitable organisations, the St. George's Society has upheld a 250-year legacy of supporting the needs of New Yorkers with British and Commonwealth heritage.

    Rachel looks forward to nurturing the business connections she established during her trip, with a vision to build dynamic professional relationships between US2U and businesses in the US.

    Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn about how the US2U Consulting team can help your organisation.

  • US2U Consulting In Bahrain

    T78Rachel Blackburn, pictured with Eileen Alsaie, Rebecca Topping and Rebecca Healey from the British Embassy in Bahrain at the end of May, as part of the first phase of our expansion into the Gulf Region.

  • US2U Goes Down Under

    us2u-goes-down-underRachel Blackburn visited Goodman Fielder, Australasia's leading listed food company, in Sydney as part of the international business development strategy. It was interesting to note the priorities and challenges facing a company that has been of part of daily life for a century and where generations of Australians and New Zealanders have grown up with their brands in their kitchens. Oliver Flint, Commercial Operations Director, said, "We have a great opportunity to develop the behaviours and culture as we pursue manufacturing efficiency, optimise the logistics platform and invest in brand support".

  • US2U Visits Middle East with UKTI

    US2U Consulting's Rachel Blackburn went on a recent UK Trade and Investment Trade Mission, focussing on education and learning, to Qatar, Oman and Abu Dhabi. The aim of the trip was to develop the US2U Consulting business across the Middle East, with a view to taking its core competencies and assisting business across the region. The delegation comprised staff from universities as well as privately owned learning and development companies.

    "We met many interesting people who appeared enthusiastic to develop business and partnerships during 2014", said Rachel Blackburn.