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Proud to be an Export Champion

East of England Export Champion 2020 4Col thumbnail2US2U Consulting have been awarded the prestigious title of 2020 Export Champion by the UK Department for International Trade.

This is in recognition of the international work we have done over the last few years, with international projects and trade visits to the likes of Belgium, Ireland, Canada, USA and across the Middle East - along with the insights our teams can share with other businesses looking to export their goods and services. Read more >>>

News & Events

Putting the Net into Networking: BritishAmerican Business at Stamford Bridge

US2U Consulting Founder and CEO Rachel Blackburn attended a fabulous BritishAmerican Business event held at Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge in London on 27 June 2024.

Rachel was pleased to visit the Director's Lounge at Stamford Bridge for the first time and meet former international football/soccer player Carly Telford, who is now Commercial Manager at Chelsea FC Women, who discussed her career in football.

"As always it is fascinating to be in a unique place meeting so many diverse people with so many interesting personal and business stories to tell" said Rachel.

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Vibrant Australian Networking Event Connects Professionals in the Big Apple

US2U Consulting Founder and CEO Rachel Blackburn was pleased to attend the Australian Consulate General's annual diplomatic networking event in Times Square, New York recently. It was an informal event to get to know colleagues and make new connections within the New York consular, public diplomacy and trade community.

"It was so interesting to meet consular and trade people from around the world in such an iconic setting" said Rachel.

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Our First BritishAmerican Business Event in London


On 6th June 2024, BritishAmerican Business, in partnership with HSBC UK and Delta Air Lines & Virgin Atlantic, were delighted to welcome guests to the annual Transatlantic Growth Awards event in London to celebrate the organisations and growth stories that underpin the most successful bi-lateral trade and investment relationship globally.

US2U Consulting Founder and CEO Rachel Blackburn was pleased to be in attendance and it was a poignant place to be as we discussed the special relationship between the two nations on the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

We had the pleasure of hearing remarks from Laurie Farris, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs at the Embassy of the United States of America, London, alongside TAG sponsors Cora McLaren, Managing Director - International Subsidiary Banking, UK, HSBC UK; Nadia Clinton, Regional Sales Manager UK and Ireland, Delta Air Lines; and Tom Maynard, Head of UK and Europe Sales, Virgin Atlantic.

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US2U Sponsor Horsford Cricket Player for 2024 Season

For the 2024 cricket season, we are pleased to be continuing our support of Norfolk cricket club Horsford CC by sponsoring one of their players, Will Bryan. Will has been part of Horsford Cricket Club for 22 seasons, since he was eight years old.

Horsford CC compete in numerous regional and national leagues and competitions across a number of men's, women's, youth and senior's teams. They play their home games at Manor Park in Norwich. Read about our previous sponsorship of the club here.

Good luck for this season, Will! He is pictured next to the US2U Consulting sponsorship board at their Manor Park ground.

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As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Since 2009, US2U Consulting has been supported in our International Export work by Leszek Wysocki, International Trade Advisor, Department for Business and Trade.

This support included inviting us to join the UK Trade and Investment Mission to Qatar, Oman and Abu Dhabi in December 2013. This was part of the company's Gateway to Global Growth programme and followed successful projects in Canada, North America, Belgium, France and Bahrain. Leszek attended the Trade Mission with US2U Consulting Founder Rachel Blackburn.

Subsequent to this, US2U Consulting has delivered successful international projects in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, India and the US.

Leszek was also instrumental with our award of Export Champion status from 2020 onwards.

US2U Consulting has also introduced Leszek to some of our clients to support their exporting strategies. One of these is UK-based international recovery truck company Boniface Engineering, part of US-based Miller Industries.

After 22 years in the role, Leszek has decided to retire.

Rachel Blackburn, pictured with Mike Boniface (left) and Leszek (right), said "It has been great to work with Leszek for so long. He will definitely be missed for his knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment and contacts. We wish him all the best for the next chapter in his life."

Mike Boniface presented Leszek with a glass paperweight model truck and said, "We would like to thank Leszek for all the support that he has given Boniface Engineering over the years as we have continued with our European export activities. We have enjoyed great success."

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New York News: York Minster Reception 5 May 2024

As a member of the St George's Society of New York, Rachel Blackburn, US2U Consulting Founder and CEO, was pleased to attend the celebration of the arrival of the York Ledger with a centennial celebration at Saint Thomas Church in New York. It celebrates the 100th anniversary of New York City presenting the city of York, England, with a Bronze plaque commemorating the bond between the two cities. The York ledger left York for its transatlantic journey on 6 February 2024. (Learn more about the York ledger stone here.)

The ceremony included greetings from The Right Honours The Lord Mayor of York, The Reverend Councilor Chris Cullwick and a response from the Mayor of New York, His Honor Eric L Adams.

The stone was unveiled by the British Consul General, Mrs Hannah Young and there was a message including warmest wishes from King Charles III.

Rachel said, "As an Export Champion it was fantastic to be part of this experience where the focus was about continuing to develop strong relationships for trade across the two countries."

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British Chamber of Commerce Dubai Hits The Streets of London

We were pleased to attend the first British Chamber of Commerce Dubai evening networking in the UK.

It was hosted at the Other House Hotel, South Kensington, London and attended by BCCD members, guests, representation from UK-based industry and government stakeholders.

US2U Consulting Founder and CEO, Rachel Blackburn (pictured at the event) said "Having delivered Executive Coaching Programmes in the UAE previously it was great to reconnect and understand the current business priorities in Dubai."

Rachel delivered a motivational talk in the Financial District in Dubai back in 2015 and the details are here:

For more information please see our service sheet here or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an informal conversation to see how we can support your business.

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Bite-Size Online Project Management Training

US2U Consulting are pleased to launch a new bite-size version of our trusted and world-renowned Project Management services. Learn about this below, and view our service sheet at the end of this article for more details.

You are probably already familiar with the five main benefits for businesses to invest in project management training for their staff:

1. Improved Project Success Rates

Proper project management training equips staff with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively plan, execute and monitor projects. This leads to improved project success rates as teams are better equipped to meet deadlines, manage resources efficiently, and deliver high-quality results.

2. Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Project management training teaches employees how to streamline processes, prioritise tasks, and allocate resources effectively. This results in increased productivity and efficiency within the organisation as teams are better equipped to manage their time and workloads efficiently. Overall, the result should be to have increased capacity to deliver more projects.

3. Cost Savings

Investing in project management training can ultimately lead to cost savings for companies. By ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget, organisations can avoid costly delays, rework, and resource wastage. Additionally, trained project managers are better equipped to identify and mitigate risks, minimising potential financial losses.

4. Better Stakeholder Communication and Collaboration

Effective project management training emphasises the importance of clear communication and collaboration among team members and stakeholders. By improving communication skills and fostering collaboration, teams can align their efforts more effectively, leading to smoother project execution and greater stakeholder satisfaction.

5. Career Development; Employee Wellbeing and Retention

Providing project management training opportunities demonstrates to employees that the company is invested in their professional development and growth. This can increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty; ultimately leading to higher retention rates.

Additionally, trained project managers are more equipped to take on leadership roles within the organisation, contributing to succession planning and talent development initiatives. Regarding wellbeing and stress, proper project management training can enable projects to be delivered to time, specification and budget without putting an unrealistic amount of stress on the workforce.


For the last 18 years, US2U Consulting have been delivered project management training sessions face-to-face. Whilst this option is still available, we have developed a Bite-Size Online Project Management Training Programme where the training is delivered via Zoom or similiar over 4 one-hour sessions. These sessions are still interactive but enable a cost-effective option for clients, particularly if people are based over multiple sites and/or countries.

These world-class sessions are delivered by one of our expert Consultants, Chris Croft MBA, CEng (pictured below), and can be tailored in line with specific requirements and delivered at the best time of day. An outline of the four sessions is given in our service sheet below. A recording of your sessions can be provided on request.

View here: US2U Consulting Bite-Size Project Management Online Training Programme - Service Sheet

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Sizewell C Supply Chain - Engage : Update : Inform

Sizewell C is a planned nuclear power station based in the East of England which will supply low-carbon energy to 6 million homes for 60 years. The construction and maintenance should support 70,000 jobs and the aim is to leave a legacy of social value to benefit the local region and wider UK.

US2U Consulting Founder and CEO, Rachel Blackburn (pictured), recently attended the 'Sizewell C Supply Chain - Engage : Update : Inform' meeting in rural Essex along with hundreds of other businesses that are keen to bring their key competencies to play an active role in the supply chain.

Rachel's conclusion from the session is that it appears there are three key areas where we can specifically support businesses as part of the SZC supply chain:

1. Creating a Diverse Workforce

This is a key plank of the SZC strategy and legacy; indeed this is something which businesses will need to demonstrate they have evidence of when competing to win a contract. The industry at the moment is not very diverse at all and it appears that this has not been a priority for a lot of businesses in the sector until now.

US2U Consulting has a strong track record of working with clients to improve their Diversity and Inclusion strategies, understanding, recruitment and behaviours.

2. Project Management Training

Whilst there are significant budgets for the whole project, the emphasis is that businesses need to be competitive with their pricing when pitching to win contracts. This puts the emphaiss on them to ensure that all Project Managers and Project Team members are well trained in world class techniques to lead and execute projects, ensuring that projects are delivered right first time to project specification and still enable the business to make a reasonable margin for their shareholders.

US2U Consulting have expert Consultants who can deliver Project Management Training in person and/or in bite-size online chunks if required. See more details of our Project Management services here.

3. Leadership Skills Development and business coaching

It is apparant that to deliver the technical skills required, a significant number of people will be leading teams and/or teams of size for the first time. Enabling these people to do this competently and confidently will be a critical part of the success or failure of the project, staff engagement and retention.

US2U Consulting has spent the last 18 years working with businesses across all sectors to enable them to have highly skilled talent able to demonstrate resilience and leadership in challenging environments.


Rachel said, "We are keen to play our part in collaborating to make this project successful. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a confidential conversation about how we can enable you to have that competitive egde when competing for contracts."

UK Export Champions Again...

We are pleased to announce that for the fourth consecutive year Rachel Blackburn, Founder and CEO of US2U Consulting, is the named person within our business to be an Export Champion. Rachel said "I am proud to be a Department for Business and Trade Export Champion since 2020."

Export Champions are a community of selected volunteers who have been appointed based on their experience and success in exporting. They encourage and inspire more UK businesses to trade internationally, largely via their own social media channels and by speaking at events. By sharing their own story and experiences, Export Champions help other companies realise there is a global demand for their products or services and if necessary help them navigate the challenges ahead and signpost to DBT support services.

It also adds to credibility when meeting potential new clients in the UK and overseas. US2U Consulting has exported its services to over ten countries around the world as it works with clients to create world class solutions for world class businesses.

Pictured is Rachel Blackburn bumping into another Export Champion, Gareth Lewis, Co-CEO of Delio based in Wales, at a recent St George's Society event in New York.

If you wish to discuss your exporting strategy with us, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..